Candarae ML5 Blue lens {REVIEW}

I bring you another review of a pair of circle lens from Lensvillage!!
So this time it's the turn of...
  Brand: DollyEye 
 Life Span : 1 Year 
 Base curve : 8.6mm 
 Diameter : 14.5 mm 
 Water Content: 38% 






 Colour: I personally love this vibrant blue colour!! Obviously, the pattern of the lens is not natural at all, and this electric blue on brown/dark eyes cannot be seen as much as on light colours eyes, so in my opinion, these lenses must be used as a special detail for our makeup. They're also perfect for close-up portraits!   I also think that they must definitely look really nice on natural blue eyes *__*
 Enlargement: as it's only 0.5mm larger than the normal eye, they don't have a high enlarging effect. You can compare the enlargement of the normal eye and the circle lens in the last photo ;)
 Confort: I had 0 problem to put them on, given that they aren't very large, and I found them very comfy after several hours wearing them! So I'm really happy for that. 
Hope you liked the review and the lens too! Don't hesitate to visit LensVillage for more and amazing products! And don't forget that you'll receive a super cute animal case for your lens with every purchase 
Have a nice weekend everybody!!


i.Fairy Pearl Black lenses review

Hi! Today I bring you a review of another pair of lenses I got from LensVillage

 Actual Diameter : 15mm 
 Effect Diameter : 16mm 
 Base Curve Radius : 8.60mm 
 Water Content : 55% 
 Life Span : 1 Year Disposable 
As always, the presentation of the order is very nice, and everytime you get your lenses you'll receive a hyper cute animal case for free!

 Colour: I thought I'd never wear black lenses but I don't regret chosing them! Honestly I think they look better on natural dark eyes than in light colour eyes, cause even if the coloured area is quite large, it doesn't cover the whole pupil. Actually I really like the effect on my hazel eyes, they don't look weird in terms of colour ;)
 Confort: I had little problem to put them on my eyes (normally it takes me soooo much time xD), and I didn't find them unconfortable, so OK for the confort too!
 Enlargement: these lenses are REALLY big!! You can see the difference in the picture below...

Wearing these lenses without makeup would be a mistake if we don't wanna look like aliens

 Or we can use light and fantastic makeup to create a fantastic effect... but forget this idea for an ordinary day

 But if we use makeup techniques to make eyes look bigger, the result is stunning!
Yes, maybe we can realize that they aren't our natural eyes but they look really nice.
Just perfect for cosplays and gyarus!!
Don't you agree? 

 I liked them so much when I tried them that I couldn't avoid taking tons of selfies! 

Hope you like this model as I do!!
Have a nice week!!